My Love of the Darker Things in Life

It’s a questionable hobby and one that I never really thought about until a short time ago. People ask me what I do when I’m not writing film scripts or googling various images and videos of cats on the web; I have the same hobbies as most other people. Oh but i forgot, I also like to see people terrorised until the point of death..

Thankfully, I’m not alone. A recent article about opening box office weekends gave me an insightful read, one that conjured up a wry smile as the realisation that i am not a sadistic f**k set in. The weekend that ‘Gone Girl’ come out was the same weekend that ‘Annabelle’ was released, although the latter was not terrible, it most certainly was not as well received as it’s creator, ‘The Conjuring’. Surprisingly, ‘Annabelle’ managed to take $37.2 million at the box office in comparison to ‘Gone Girl’s’ $38 million. Let’s just take a step back and put that in to perspective for a second..

The amount that ‘Annabelle’ took in that opening weekend is more than double the $15 million that the US remake of ‘The Ring’ took in it’s opening weekend; amazing if you consider that Gore Verbinski’s film is often paraded as one of the greatest horror remakes ever made! People have clearly taken a liking to the darker area of cinema.

This sudden boom in the attendees of horror screenings has prompted me to share my passion with everyone else and this is my reason for creating this blog. I want to reach out in to the depths of your innermost fears and cast my pointless opinions on the films that give cinema meaning to you. I want to observe the world of horror and everything it encompasses, drawing conclusions on the unknown and what makes it tick.

Wrong or right, horror gives you a feeling that no other genre ever will. It taps in to our hidden fears and begins to mess with our fragile minds all in the name of entertainment. I say that we rebel against conformity and let horror take it’s place amongst us; accept that it is always there, lingering in the shadows and join me in a celebration of one of the greatest things about this world.

To horror!

Without it the imagination would be boring..

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