The Hunt

As humans, we have an burning desire buried inside of us; this desire is the attraction to the things that we fear. We tend to approach these thing head-on without a care in the world of the consequences that may befall us and this truly amazes me. We build themed parks that are engineered with the sole intention of scaring us out of our skin; we race cars at phenomenal speeds; we jump from planes with little more than a fragment of material that we entrust our lives to; and we seemingly revel in the on screen suffering of others. Have we become a civilisation of psycopathic maniacs? Maybe, but probably not. More likely, we are just addicted to the buzz of adrenaline that flows through our bodies when fear grips hold. This fear is the basis for my love of horror films.

I enjoyed being scared to the point that it is now an obsession. If you have ever embarked on the journey that I have then you may understand what the hell I am going on about, if not, you are probably hovering over the back button on your web browser; either way I will explain. 

I’m talking about that search for the perfect horror film; the one that makes you scream in terror and cower in fear every night for the next 6 months before you go to sleep; the holy grail of horror. Can it exist? I’m not all that sure but I sure as hell will work my way through the most dire films of the genre to make certain. Maybe one day I will find it or maybe I will meet my end disappointed that I never came across it. What would it entail? I have no idea; I don’t even know what I’m searching for. Perhaps my innocent brain is not capable of imagining what would scare me the most. Even if it did exist, would my greatest fear be the same as yours? 

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