Just another day.. But Wait!

I didn’t go back to bed after my girlfriend’s alarm went off this morning and I am not sorry. Usually I would be complaining about how I needed that extra hour of sleep – I simply cannot survive without it.

But not today..

Let me give you a bit of background; I used to be up for work very early, 4am to be exact, and my alarm would always wake her up too; this is now a form of payback, i am so sure of it. She secretly enjoys the site of me being awoken before I need to be. Actually, it is no secret.

Today was different from all the other times – it is my before-day and tomorrow my birthday. My inner child was begging me to jump out of bed to investigate the presents that have already been wrapped for tomorrow. What the hell are they? Xbox fun? Cat related items? Maybe something to do with the ninja turtles? Or maybe something adult like socks. Cat socks. Honestly, I don’t have a clue despite grilling my mum for answers – she is the weak one.


As the confusion over presents faded from my brain it suddenly dawned on me that my brain was wide awake. I was in the zone and ready for the creative switch to be flicked. The laptop was charged and ready to go and all of a sudden I was in a firm position to take on the feature length script that has been in the planning process for so long. I think that the aspect that we should take away from this should be that  I am far more productive when plied with presents – I know you are reading Emma.

So here I am in Starbucks; coffee fuelled and tapping away – nothing can stop me.


Children. Everywhere..

Damn school holidays.

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