Silent Hill Live: Review

So.. I’m going to begin by telling you that my opinion is probably not the same as the majority of people who went along to the show. I was sceptical of the venue before I even laid eyes on it – it lived up to everything I didn’t want it to be. 

Sure it looked the part; the concrete walls of an underground warehouse surrounding  an eager crowd, two contorted nurses who looked and acted the part that they were reprising and a 7 foot tall pyramid-head dragging his huge sword behind him as he scared the soul out of innocent attendees. That was as far as the positive aura went for me.

 We had arrived at 18:30 for the 19:00 showtime that was stated on the ticket only to read a sign that shared the news that the doors would not open until 19:00. We were then placed in a queue where we would stand in the freezing cold for 15 minutes. As fast as you can say *?$#, a security guard trudged over and informed us that the queue was moving to the other side of the door where we were forced to join a queue of probably 100 people who got there after us. By now i was so annoyed that I couldn’t even appreciate the fog that had enveloped London in the same manner as it does Silent Hill. F**k off fog.

Closer inspection of the signage made us further aware that the show would not start until 20:15 and there would be a ‘live DJ’ until then. I never saw this guy but if he was responsible for the randomly mashed up game and horror music that echoed across the shabby venue, then he can go and join the fog and cold in Hell. 

I mean, I was pretty annoyed already but then I found myself paying nearly £15 pound for half a 200ml bottle of Diet Coke and a vodka and red bull (half can too). Was I in a London strip club? I’m pretty sure it was a Hackney Basement. 

Please bear in mind that all of this was before I realised that Silent Hill live consisted of Akira and co on a stage the size of a hotel balcony. The stage was actually shoved in to an alcove that meant that nobody that wasn’t at the front could see it which added to my hatred of it all.

The venue made for poor sound quality and the woman who was singing the main vocals couldn’t sing her lines correctly anyway. Everyone was cheering around me and I was truly amazed at people’s ignorance to acknowledge this half-assed attempt at a gig; It lasted for just over an hour and cost £30 a ticket; You honestly couldn’t see the screen or the stage due to the general layout of the venue. I have yet to see any pictures online which I can only assume means that nobody else saw anything either.

I would also like to add that the t-shirts being sold for £20 were generic primark tees with tour dates printed on them. It all just seemed like a huge money making scheme and this was largely due to the venue letting it down. 

They sure as hell stayed open for two hours after the performance to maximise profit at the bar. No problem, I left before the encore and opted to stand in the cold waiting for my friend rather than stay in the venue – I was truly disappointed at everything. 

Later, I looked at the venue they had used for the extra date they had added for London on the tour. Is this actually a joke.. 

I’m sure that given a nicer venue and a lot more effort this could be incredible but I honestly do not see how anyone can give this show a good review unless they are lying to themselves or were blind drunk. 

I would not recommend that anybody travel to Hackney and pay the amount that I did for little over an hour of entertainment.

Poor show.

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