A Story That You Probably Didn’t know about F. W. Murnau 

We are all familiar with F. W. Murnau’s work, especially the legendary Nosferatu. Recently, I shared a few facts about the film that were rather interesting. I wrote about painted rats and a short cameo from the director himself; none of those facts, however, come close to the story that I am about to share with you.

For those of you who didn’t know, Murnau died long before his time. It saddens me to think of the beautiful films he could of added to his portfolio. Murnau was being driven up to California from Los Angeles in a hired car. The driver was a young teenage servant from the Phillipines who was not much older than the age of 14. Perhaps the giant Rolls Royce was too powerful for the young servant or perhaps it was freak accident, regardless, the car plowed in to a pole which lead to Murnau suffering severe head injuries and dying in hospital the following day at the young age of 42. Murnau had been travelling to California for the premier of his film Tabu, unfortunately he never made it there. 

As sad as the story is so far, it is one that you may be thinking that you’ve heard before. However, it is the next part that some may find shocking. 

Last July (2015), Murnau’s grave was disturbed and his skull stolen. Some suggest that signs of wax indicate rituals of the occult or some kind of ceremony. Most find it incredibly unusual, mainly because this is not the first time that people have disturbed F. W. Murnau’s grave. It is currently not known what happened to the skull of this legendary director and it is looking less than likely that we will ever find out. 

What a world we live in. 

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