Bela Lugosi’s British Nightmare

Bella Lugosi was an outstanding performer for his time. A true gentleman who put effort in to every area of his acting. In his later days, an effort to revive his stalling career in London’s West End did not go according to plan. In fact, Lugosi never made it to the West End in what is possibly, one of the lowest points in his entire working life.

Lugosi’s theatrical tour involved a journey around the whole of England and an expected slot at the Garrick Theatre never materialised. By the time Lugosi made it through the performances outside of London, he was so burned out that he requested the tour to end “as soon as possible”.

The veteran took a small part on a British show that gave him a quick payment and then left for the USA, almost as quickly as he had come. 

Bella Lugosi died five years later and was buried in his famous cape. A man that was the complete opposite of his on-screen character, Lugosi was respected and liked by almost everyone that he crossed paths with.

It is sad to see an absolute legend go through such a tough patch but he can rest easily, knowing that he will forever be remembered in the world of horror. 

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