Film of the Week

White Zombie

The zombie origins are not confined to the medium of film at all. There are many alleged stories, which date back to ancient times and these tales gave us an insight into re-animation long before the likes of Romero did. 

In recent times the majority of the stories we hear about outbreaks all seem to stem from Africa or Haiti; the majority share this one trait. The similarities between these ‘actual’ events and the events in a film, White Zombie, could well be the reason why The mentioned film is regarded as such a great addition to the genre. 

White Zombie is often thought of as the first ever zombie film and is also one of the best. If you haven’t seen it then I highly recommend checking it out soon.

Also, just in case you hadn’t guessed or are not inclined to listen to heavy metal music, The 1932 film is the inspiration behind Rob Zombie’s band of the same name.

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