M.R. James and My Trip to Eton


I have been away for a while and can only apologise for the disappearing act. I would like to say that I have been on a magical adventure that culminated in something along the lines of the ending to the sixth sense (No spoilers for anybody who has been living under a rock) but that would just be an outright lie. Although my journey lacked a certain Shyamalan twist, it was still somewhat exciting and definitely worth the time in the end. Along with my sister, I found the resting place of one Montague Rhodes James OM FBA – Author, medievalist scholar and provost of King’s College, Cambridge and of Eton College.

Little did I realise at the time, we had found the headstone, seemingly untouched for sixteen years, just 2 days before the 80th anniversary of his death and merely a month after his 154th birthday. After an initial bit of navigating through a mass of monuments to the long since passed and a little bit of tidying around the site, we found the man himself deep within a mass of low hanging branches around the edge of Eton Town Cemetery. It was a sad site to see such a legend of horror lore forgotten for such a prolonged amount of time.

Through his stories, M.R. James managed to influence multiple generations of storytellers; lets all take a moment to read a short story and remember one of the greats.

Horror and the Social Media Movement


Trawling through the online world of horror with only my laptop screen for light was somewhat reminiscent of the old days. I used to sit huddled under my covers reading the latest story from the Creepy Pasta community when I couldn’t sleep; not a very sensible past time when you consider the deranged content plastered across the site. Back in the present I was doing it all over again, only this time, I was watching a horror film that I had just discovered moments previously. Some clever soul had used Twitter’s Periscope to film an entire home invasion film and I was genuinely amazed at the effort that had gone in to the final product. “This is not right”, I cursed to myself. Twitter was for hounding people in to playing video games with me and entering competitions; at most it was for bagging some sold out concert tickets last minute. I was wrong.

In this age of social media there are far more possibilities than there were before. For example, take my blog. I am able to communicate and voice my opinion on anything that i choose to do so; I can network and promote my work too. This is something that was not possible back in the days of Creepy Pasta sessions; I would have had better luck going down to speaker’s corner in Hyde Park and thrusting my pointless preferences on the general public and unsuspecting tourists. Sure, I’d clearly be earmarked as one of the looney contingent but at least I would satisfy my thirst for debate. Thankfully, me having a platform to rant on is not the pinnacle of the social media movement. People are utilising the likes of Twitter, Facebook and now Snapchat to move further ahead of the game and this Periscope flick proved it.

Since the day that I watched this film, its name slips me by, I had close to no luck in finding anything similar – until now.

Sickhouse is a new film that is entirely comprised of snapchat videos and it is establishing itself in the annals of horror as a main player of the new generation. In the film, a group of friends go on a trip to the woods to explore a building of some description; presumably, there are dire consequences. Sickhouse is the brainchild of Hannah Macpherson and is being billed as the first film ‘made for mobile’. Co-creator Jake Avnet described their reasons for this different format of film:

“Younger audiences are not going to the theaters; they’re not watching TV. They spend their time online watching YouTube, Snapchat, etc. Since this is where these audiences live, why should we try to force them to go elsewhere to watch a movie or show?”


I hope that this is the start of something great within the horror genre; maybe it will put an end to the relentless releases of found footage film that infiltrate every corner of the market?

If, like me, you are interested in the film, it will be available on Vimeo from June 1st. You can head over to Youtube and check out the trailer right now.


A Very Insightful Blog That I Highly Recommend Checking Out

It has been a while since I posted anything and that is mainly due to a hectic workload and my final year of study; I have also been working on some personal projects and contemplating the idea of a co-hosted podcast with a very good friend. 

So what is this recommendation?

A wholly refreshing and new take on various different things. Right now there are some great written pieces on areas of the video game industry; these are written with heightened passion and wise words. You will also find a deeply, thought provoking, article on mental health that will make you think twice about the hand that you are dealt. 

I know that, in time, there will be far more articles worth checking out; if you can spare a moment to see what all the fuss is about (and give my own blog a follow) it would be greatly appreciated.

Sit tight for some more exploration in to the World of horror.