That Good-Bad Kind of Thing and 100 Acres of Hell


So picture this, there I am, face down in a pizza box that held something so gigantic that I am pretty sure the combined stomach of the ninja turtles could not digest it – the thing was huge. The time was 2am and I was falling asleep as per usual. How many empty beer bottles were on the table? 4..5…  ‘IT DOESN’T MATTER HOW MANY BEER BOTTLES ARE ON THE DAMN TABLE’. You will have to excuse my best Dwayne Johnson impression, even thinking back to it, I was in the zone!

It was 2004 and I was a little less wiser to the world and had way too much time on my hands – I was awake to watch WWE Taboo Tuesday and I was not about to let the famous concoction of beer and pizza end my night early. I glanced over at my friend who, to be honest, was completely unimpressed by Kane and  Gene Snitsky going toe to toe. When I say unimpressed, I mean that he was actually snoring his head off to the point that my cat had left the comfort of its spot in front of the fire to find solace elsewhere. I however, was enjoying the battle of these two juggernauts. I enjoyed it even more when Snitsky took a chair to Kane and put him out of action. I was not about to race to the online store and get a Snitsky t-shirt but he had just totally decimated one of my childhood nightmares – Thanks Gene! Obviously, Kane being put out of action was just an angle for WWE and purely written in to the show to support the giant’s absence for the filming of See No Evil.

See No Evil turned out to be pretty good as far as horror films go and I can say that I own a copy. That is why I was a little bit excited when I cam across a film project called 100 Acres of Hell on indiegogo. The film stars none other than Gene Snitsky as an injured wrestler who takes time out after a family accident to go hunting with his friends at an abandoned wildlife sanctuary. Imagine their journey through this forest filled terrain that lacks any kind of authoritative presence or means of contact to the rest of the world, and now imagine that a psychopathic killer is on their tail with the intention of ending their whirlwind bromance. If you are picturing this then you have probably come to the same conclusion that I have – it sounds bad.. Good-bad.

Despite the age old plot that is always destined to fail, the film still has an appeal to me and that is because it sounds entertaining. In my opinion, there are two kinds of ‘bad’ films; the kind that you turn off after ten minutes because you are no longer connected to the story, and the kind that manage to keep your attention because they are just plain fun. The latter seems to spring to mind when I read about this film and I am okay with that. After all, I watched wrestling because it was ‘good-bad’ and that entertained me for years. The fact that Gene will pretty much be playing himself, and the news that Jay Lee (Zombie Strippers!) will be directing, lead me to believe that this film may actually intend to be that ‘good-bad’ product that I am expecting.

I hope that 100 Acres of Hell meets the target that has been set on indiegogo; if you feel like helping it out then head here and donate:

100 Acres of Hell indiegogo campaign

For Snitsky! (and for me to be able to prove to my friend that not everybody is put in to a trance by the man previously employed by WWE)

P.S. The film also stars Samu – one half of the Headshrinkers!