“I Own the Horror Genre..”. NO!


We all know that sex and horror go together better than anything. Where there are scares, gratuitous nudity is not far behind and that is just kind of accepted in the world of horror. Fear plays on our psychological feelings and the same can be said about sex. I do not have a problem with the use of nudity in horror, so long as it is used in context and not just there for the sake of it. That being said, I do not understand the constant slew of films in the genre, intent on making sex an integral part of our viewing.

Take Jennifer’s Body, I have not seen it but from what I understand, sex is a key factor in the film. It used as a tool to move the narrative along; it is much the same in species. There is a point to why it is there. When it is not used in the correct context and has no bearing on the film, you end up with an end product that consistently receives bad reviews. What am I getting at? Let me explain..

Bipasha Basu, a 36 year old former model from Delhi.

Bipasha is known for her move in to horror, or should I say erotic horror. Often, she stars as a seductress or variant and the films generally suck, perhaps with the exception of Raaz, which to be honest, is more of a thriller. She is the personification of gratuitous sex in horror.

There is nothing notable or original about the films that she stars in but this genuinely wouldn’t be a problem for me. I mean worse has happened; Megan Fox starring as April in the Ninja Turtles Reboot is probably the most prominent to date for myself. What I do have a problem with is her latest claim and it actually offends me.

Bipasha recently let out that she owned the horror genre in an interview.

I mean, come on, starring in a string of awful horror films does not make you “own the horror genre”. In actual fact, it is people like Bipasha who are dragging the name of horror through the dirt. They participate in churning out feature after feature of half-assed quality. Ranking in the top ten of India’s most desirable women does not make you a master of horror. I’m sorry but NO!

This wild claim sent my mind in to meltdown, i’ll be honest. This fraud is not even in the same league as some of the other key players in horror. Maybe I own the horror genre because I planned a load of scripts that never took flight?

What would William Friedkin or Bob Clark say about this? What about Stephen ‘F***ing’ King! No, the list is endless. If I was to go in a reverse order of who owns the horror genre, Bipasha might only get beaten to the top spot by Disney. Wait, have you seen The Return To Oz? It’s pretty creepy. You lose Bipasha!

The reason for this interview was to promote a new Indian tv show that focuses on the genre, you guessed it, it stars Miss Basu.

My god, it better be the best damn horror television ever conceived; If that is the case then I apologise for all the above.