The First Horror Film

With ongoing posts about Nosferatu and The Caninet of Dr Caligari it is easy to think that these two films were the beginning of what we know as ‘horror’ today. To assume this would be wrong. That is however, depending on what you define as ‘horror’.  

Below is a link to, what is believed to be, the first recorded ‘horror’ film; the movie was made in 1896. The film is called Le Manoir Du Diable and it was directed by Georges Melies. 
Watch Film Here

The film clearly intends to provoke a comedic reaction as opposed to fear from the audience; this is often why some people do not accept Melies’ 3-minute film as the first ever ‘horror’ film.


Facts About Nosferatu (1922)

Nosferatu is a classic and I could watch it on repeat. It was not until recently that I stumbled upon this page. My personal favourite is the fact about the rats. It looks like The Men Behind The Sun was not the only film to treat them badly! Imagine PETA’s reaction today! 

Check out all the interesting facts at the link below:

Nosferatu – Things you didn’t know