Post-Birthday Fun and My journey in to Silent Hill

Today is supposed to be the worst day of the year; the day after the birthday – I am sure that this will all change as I grow with age though. There are a whole 364 days until my birthday and ignoring Christmas, I can’t imagine feeling as great as I did yesterday when I unwrapped a custom Zelda painted Nintendo64 and the games to go with it; a lot of other awesome stuff was given to me as well so a massive thanks to my Mum too. A trip to a local retro-game store is looking likely as I prepare for the thing that will make this post-birthday better than any other.

Tonight is Silent Hill Live at the Laundry in Hackney. I’m pretty sure that I have less chance of returning alive from Hackney than I do Silent Hill so wish me luck as I make my journey in to hell. 

It should be a good one; I am sure that the talents of Akira Yamaoka and co will more than make sure of it! You can expect a nice long review on Monday because I already know that I will have a lot to say about the show.

That’s it; only a short one for now. I would stay and chat but I have my eye on a few N64 classics and will be inconsolable if somebody beats me to them.