The Purge – Election Year


The first instalment of The Purge series was one that I had anticipated for a very long time. As a massive fan of The Running Man, I immediately drew similarities between the two pictures. Perhaps it was the idea of an innocent running a true gauntlet of terror, with only survival in mind; After all, I am also a huge fan of The Warriors, this could well be the attraction. The Purge gave the impression that I would get what I was expecting and more but in practice, it disappointed me greatly.

The Purge was not necessarily a bad film, I happily watched it until the end and in fact, have seen it on another occassion since. The problem was that this film with so much potential had been turned in to a gritty, home-invasion thriller. I was expecting an adventure in to dangerous territory; an adventure where the protagonist had no choice but to journey in to the unknown; an adventure where I got some sort of insight in to this alternate world where crime was legal on just one night per year. Instead, the world that was presented in The Purge seemed to be nothing more than a background story. The family could of been attacked by anyone at any time; I didn’t really feel that The Purge needed to exist for the story to progress.

Despite The Purge’s drawbacks, the second instalment gave me everything that I wanted from the original. It is like the filmmaker saw the potential that had seemingly been wasted to begin with and used it to make a great sequel. Answers began to materialise that helped us to understand the environment that was presented and all of a sudden, I cared a lot more about the whole theme. The second ended in a way that left the story open to yet another sequel, which, to my surprise, I was looking forward to. In fact, I believe that the second film in the series done such a good job that it made the first seem a lot more relevant to the whole story. When viewing the first film as the ‘set-up’, it seems a lot more plausible.

Why am I banging on about The Purge? Well, it is because the trailer for the third part dropped recently. Check it out for yourself: